100 Floors App Answers

Click the levels below for guides on how to complete the game 100 Floors

100 Floors Level 1

Push the green arrow to open the elevator door.

100 Floors Level 2

Put your finger on the garbage can and slide it to to side to move the can. Tap the green arrow that was behind the garbage can and move it into the elevator button. Push the green button to go to next level.

100 Floors Level 3

Shake your phone to open the elevator door.

100 Floors Level 4

Using both fingers, slight the doors apart at the same time.

100 Floors Level 5

Shake your phone which will make the ladder drop.

100 Floors Level 6

Tap on the plant and move it out of the way. Tap on the suns that were behind it and then the 3 sun symbols  on the door.

100 Floors Level 7

Tilt your phone to the side to slide the rock onto the red button.

100 Floors Level 8

Tap on the fruits and move them to the side. When you see the banana, tap it and feed the gorilla.

100 Floors Level 9

Tap the 4 small round buttons in the corners to match the big circles in the center. Match the inner and outer colors.

100 Floors Level 10

Shake your phone which will make the snake go away. Slide your finger along the arrow.

100 Floors Level 11

Tilt your phone to align the balls in the center hole. Hold the balls there until the lights turn on.

100 Floors Level 12

Tap the red buttons on the floor. This will make the ball jump. Keep tapping until the ball reaches the top and turn the lights green.

100 Floors Level 13

Share your phone so the hammer falls down. Use the hammer to break the wall.

100 Floors Level 14

Tap your finger on the green hand print and hold it until all the lights turn on.

100 Floors Level 15

Use code 1643. These codes are found by looking at the empty spaces in the symbols on the top.

100 Floors Level 16

Tap the screwdriver. Remove the 4 screws with the screwdriver. Tap the metal plate and then turn the phone upside down to open the door.

100 Floors Level 17

Move the ball over the blue button by tilting your phone. Press the buttons in the following sequence: LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT.

100 Floors Level 18

Turn on all 5 blue cubes at the same time.

100 Floors Level 19

Tap the rag on the floor and clean the spider web on the doors.

100 Floors Level 20

Tap the screw on the floor. Tap and move the yellow sign to the side. Put the screw into the hole that was behind the sign. Use the screwdriver to turn the screw.

100 Floors Level 21

Hold the phone upright until all the lights turn on.

100 Floors Level 22

Tap the hammer and use it to destroy the statue on the right. Slide the door UP, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN.

100 Floors Level 23

Tap the green light to turn on the lights. Put the plate onto the door. Tap the flowers on the door from right to left.

100 Floors Level 24

Use two fingers to slide and hold the door up. Use another finger to tap on the green arrow.

100 Floors Level 25

Arrange the dots on the door to match the circles on the floor. Lowest, Highest, High, Low

100 Floors Level 26

Put a 5V and 1V battery in the left slots. Put a 20V and a 1V in the center slots. Put a 5V and 20V in the right slots.

100 Floors Level 27

Tap and slide the right grey ox to the right. Use the hammer to break the crack on the wall.  Tap the crank and put it into the hole at the center of the door. Turn the crank until all the lights turn green.

100 Floors Level 28

Tap the door according to the following pattern: 2 TIMES, 3 TIMES, 1 TIME, 2 TIMES. Wait for the rainbow colors to disappear before tapping again.

100 Floors Level 29

Place your phone on a flat surface and wait for the bomb to blow up the door.

100 Floors Level 30

Change the clock to match the current time on your phone and pull the lever.

100 Floors Level 31

Use the screwdriver to remove the 2 screws on the signboard. Flip the signboard 180 degrees to get F31.

100 Floors Level 32

There are 12 dots above the door. Adjust the mahjong tiles so that all of them sums up to 12. Put 4 in the center. 543,4642, 741

100 Floors Level 33

Tap the matching colored button with the image on the door. Fire = red, Cloud = white, Banana = yellow, Cherry = red, Pear = yellow, snow flake = white.

100 Floors Level 34

Highlight the following tiles: IOOFLOORS

100 Floors Level 35

Plug in the power cord. Remove the lights on the door by tapping on it. Convert 88 to 35.

100 Floors Level 36

Tap the tiles in the following sequence: Fish, Dog, Apple, Plane, Moon.

100 Floors Level 37

Slide the tile on the top left hand corner down to reveal a iron ball. Take the iron ball to reveal the first green button. Slide the barrel away to reveal the 2nd green button. Turn the phone upside down to reveal the last green button.

100 Floors Level 38

Tap the hand in the circle to let the hands meet in the green region together: Biggest > Smallest > Medium

100 Floors Level 39

Draw the line starting from the top left diagonally downwards. Continue all the way up. Continue diagonally down the left all the way than draw a straight line to the right.

100 Floors Level 40

Adjust the volume to silent mode.

100 Floors Level 41

Tap the  ants to make it move. Try to make out the shape that the ant is trying to draw. Change the picture on the door to match the shape of the ant’s path. (Top Row: Triangle, Line Bottom Row: 2 triangles)

100 Floors Level 42

Tap the switch on the bottom right corner to see the two shapes on the door. Slide the door left, right, up and down to open the door. Tap on shapes on the door to change it. Rotate the order of the shapes so that they will match the two shapes you saw on the door. (triangle, square, circle, inverted square)

100 Floors Level 43

Move away the two plants. Put the metal ball into the slot on the left. Rotate your phone to navigate the metal ball to the other end.

100 Floors Level 44

Slide away the plant. you see 1G 2W 3B 4W. 1 Gray, 2 White, 3 Black and 4 White. Match them with colours on the door.

100 Floors Level 45

Use the hammer to break the blower on top of the door. Take the knife at the bottom left and use it to releases the balloon. Tilt your phone to navigate the balloon to touch the button. Retry if the balloon blow up.

100 Floors Level 46

Match the image on the door to the ones on the floor.

100 Floors Level 47

Adjust the tiles on the door to close the circuit.

100 Floors Level 48

Use the knife to remove the vines on the door. Count the number white, yellow and pink flowers. Light up the same number of lights in the column.  W=5, Y=5, P=4

100 Floors Level 49

Tap the tiles: Pa, S, S, W, O, Rd

100 Floors Level 50

Keep tapping on the door to build up the green bar on top of the door. Trying using two fingers.

100 Floors Level 51

Draw a sword on the door.
Q = white, X = black

100 Floors Level 52

Enter the date for Christmas. 1225.

100 Floors Level 53

Drag the chain on the right down to lift up the box. Unplug the power supply. Take the wire cutter and use it to cut away the wire fence.

100 Floors Level 54

A=01, B=02, C=03… CODE = 03150405

100 Floors Level 55

Put your phone on the table. Start turning your phone top down and sidewards while facing down. You should see some blocks coming out from the sides of the screen. Tilt your phone to adjust the blocks into space to form a square. (It is like guiding a droplet of water on the leaf to the centre without knowing the position of the droplet.)
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